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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

I'm sure I don't look quite my age, but at the ISM training this past weekend, I said to myself, 'Oh Lordy, I must be at least 15 years older than most of these folks.' Once again that little voice of responsibility, let's call him Bob, was jabbering away at my ear.

Bob: "Look at these kids … these are the kind of folks who should be going to Israel to volunteer with the ISM. You should have a lucrative 9 to 5 and be saving for your retirement!"

Sophia: (grinding teeth sound)

Bob: "These kids have their whole lives ahead of them to make up for this mistake … they've got parents and student loans to bail them out. What do you have?"

Sophia: "Listen here Bob, I've got a calling!"

Bob: "Calling, schmalling! That won't help you when you come back penniless, as well as mentally & physically shit-canned!"

Sophia: "Always looking on the bright side aren’t you, Bob?"

Bob: "Hey I’m the voice of reason, responsibility and practicality. It’s my job."


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