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Saturday, February 28, 2004

Can you believe it? Sick again. Some kind of cold. My voice, I'm told, has a new sultry quality. Finally had a substantial meeting with the Iraq Green Movement. Hamid, who appears to be one of their main guys, dropped by the hotel with his brother and whisked Lorna and myself off too a restaurant by the river. I asked them what were the biggest environmental problems that they faced in Iraq. Cleaning up pollution and raising the environmental consciousness of the people, they said. They had a laundry list of concerns ... the flood of consumer products, the rebuilding of the marshlands, protection of historical sites, reforestation, agricultural reforms, etc. Hamid would also like to start up a journal. But as always, lack of funding is the main problem. (Hamid, by the way, is an acupuncturist and gave me a little treatment for my cold ... too bad I have so little faith in such practices).


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