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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Baghdad Kidnappings & Increasing Lock-down in Hebron

I recently learned of the kidnappings at Bridges to Baghdad and Intersos ... two, very well-respected Italian aid organizations. Bridges has been working in Iraq since the early 90's as I understand it. I met once of the Italian women who was kidnapped and Voices in the Wilderness has a long friendship with the Iraqi man who was taken. Since they are Italian and Iraqi victims, the U.S. press doesn't seem too interested in covering this, so I'm starved for news. Have the kidnappers issued demands? Have they identified themselves with some group? What's going on!?!

Here in Hebron, the lock-down has intensified. There have been more housing demolitions and arrests, atleast one killing if not more ... the roads are all closed and it is extremely difficult for anyone to move in or out of the area. We heard this morning that soldiers were stopping men in Bab eZawwiyah (the main intersection before you come down into the Old City) ... anyone who might be remotely considered to be Hamas is being taken. Everyone is wondering how long it will last, but no one has any answers.


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