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Monday, June 13, 2005

Under the Weather ...

I've been feeling tired and slightly sick alot lately ... but I've resisted going to a doctor. I haven't had much luck with doctors in my past (they don't appear to listen very much and they usually tell me what I already know) and here in Jordan, well, I just don't know the system. Not having any insurance makes me leary of the sticker price. But today I felt kind of ill and faint walking up a steep hill ... so I bit the bullet and went in to see a doctor around the corner.

Seems I have hypotension ... low blood pressure ... not too severe but for someone like me who has always had spot-on in the blood pressure department, it was a bit strange. I think I've just gotten anemia (a common problem I've had in the past). Well at least I know what the tired feeling is about, so now I can do something about it.


  • Sesame seeds have a lot of iron. Plus, they taste a lot better and have a nicer texture than rusty nails.

    By Anonymous Vinny Pollina, at June 13, 2005 9:12 PM  

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