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Friday, July 07, 2006

A Request for Your Prayers ... from the Christian Peacemaker Team

Dear all,

Below is a letter from a young Palestinian friend in Baghdad who worked with CPT to another of my team mates. He is 21 years old and has received a death threat from the Badr brigade (a Shi'a group) and is very frightened. He is Palestinian (Sunni) and thinks the threat may have come because of his work with CPT in accompanying the Palestinians to the Syrian border (the trip that CPT accompanied was in October last year) or for our work with them in Baladiat (their neighborhood in Baghdad). This beautiful young man is full of the joy of life and is very brave. If he is frightened for his life, the threat is real. Please keep him and his family in your prayers. (I have removed all names for security reasons).

Peace & thanks,

CPT Team member

hii sis how are you ?

i hoop you are doing good

i just want to know that i recived a death threaten from the bader last
night !!!!!!!!

it was pointed to me and right now im totlly confused i dont know what to do....right now i am a refugee in werdo house !!! and [my brother] is perparing to
go to serya in the next sturday so i want [you] to know if i get killed in the next week or the next one that the bader folks killed me....and i think that they are paying back for what i done in

the border's and about i done for the palestine's in baladyat .....sis im really feeling tired and i hoop god help me and help me family cuz im really worry if i get killed who's gonna look after my mom and my lil sister

i send the letter and im not so sure if i will stay alive to send another one and right now the condtion's in baghdad is really really bad more then you can imagen so plz if there is any one from cpt want to come here plz advise him
or her not come.....

take care of yourslef

your lil brothere


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