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Friday, March 09, 2007

The Zoo of Erbil
We were taken to the zoo by the head of the Natural History Museum of the University of Salahaddin in Erbil. In my opinion, such places should be closed ... it seemed that it was filled only with sick and stir-crazy animals. If you can't properly care for and handle wild animals, the education value of having them in captivity isn't worth it. One boy was having a grand time "playing" with a monkey by slapping and spitting at it. To quote Teddy Roosevelt in the recent movie, "Night at the Museum," I wondered, "Who's evolved?"
A very sad wolf at a sad zoo.

One of two brown bears at the Erbil Zoo. At the gate you can buy cookies and cheetoes and throw them at the animals ... the bears oblige by opening their mouths wide.



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