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Saturday, December 29, 2007


The holiday season has usually been I time that I spend on my own ... it has just generally worked out that way ... and I don't really resent it. It's a time of reflection and thoughts on both the past year and the future. After some difficult months, this has been particularly important to go through now. I've felt alot of anger and frustration developing in me over over the lies and betrayals that have happened at work. I think it is safe to say that I've never gone through this kind of thing before. I don't think my supervisors are handling it or me very well. All their "good" counsel, as correct and well-intentioned as it is, has sounded shallow and useless to me.

"walk away," "let go," "only look forward"
all the good advice in the world and 1000 Iraqi dinars
wont even buy me a cup of coffee (to butcher an old saying).

"Letting go" will happened with time but right now it's the anger that rises in me white hot that has me worried because I know it can cause more damage than anything else. Of the object of my anger, I came across a quote by Rajaa Al Sanae that caught my eye,

What shall I say of the strongest of men
When he's a little silent drum in his mum and dad's hands?
On his quiet hide they beat the anthem of their tribe
Because he's hallow! He's empty as the sands ....
God's graces be upon him in all the far-off lands!


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