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Friday, December 25, 2009

Something in honor of Christmas in Iraqi Kurdistan - The Kurdish Wonderland
(sung to the tune of “Winter Wonderland” ... the lyrics are from a friend here in Sulaimani but I added the environmental verse)

Sleigh bells ring Talabani
People sing out Barzani
Just listen, you’ll hear
A promise of cheer
Dreaming wistful dreams in Kurdistan

Now I know you’ve heard of it
It’s a brand others covet
A thought you unlock
The other Iraq
Dreaming blissful dreams in Kurdistan


I would like a share of all the money
I would like a share of all the deals
If you think that I’m just being funny
Hey, I say money’s honey and it’s real

Drilling for oil and for water
Never plan, though you oughter
We’ll grow ‘til we burst
Or die of toxics first
Living out our dreams in Kurdistan!

No more products from China
I’ll be buying much finer
Democracy’s great but I’d rather eat cake
Living out my dreams in Kurdistan


  • Hello Sophia,

    I just happened upon your blog while reading about Kurdistan, more specificaly Sulaimanya. I have recently been told of the drastic difference between northern Iraq and the rest of the country; reading your blog has provided some validation. I love your song; very creative. My favorite line is, "Never plan, though you oughter". Hilarious! I'm a medical advisor currently working in Baghdad, so I know exactly what you mean. As I previously stated, I just found your blog but I truely enjoy the read; moreover, it's great to see a fellow American disproving the stereotypes that we’ve all been unduly labeled with through the actions of a small sect of our fellow countrymen. Keep pecking...


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at May 01, 2010 10:47 PM  

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