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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tigris River Flotilla - 11 September 2013

Traveling tomorrow to SE Turkey to join the Tigris River Flotilla.  We'll be traveling from there down into Iraq with the Marshes of southern Iraq as our final destination.  The boats are at the border (we built a traditional Tarada and Quffa in Iraq and these will join with a traditional Kalak and several modern boats on the journey south.  Check out the boats here.

One final night in Seattle with a friend and on more taste of Wild Salmon for the road (I wont want to eat the fish where I am going).  The mighty Tigris may soon become a shadow of its former self once the Ilisu Dam is complete in SE Turkey.  We want to raise awareness about the history and culture that the river symbolized, look at the threats that are damaging the river, survey the water quality and riparian habitat but, for me, the most important goal is meeting all the people in the various riverside communities that we will see as we travel down the river.  We want to hear there stories and concerns about the river.

This may be my last trip to Iraq for awhile (one can never be certain), but when I heard there might be an opportunity to go down the river (even if only some of it), I could not say no.  You can follow the expedition at


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