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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Continuing in the sampling effort ....

A friend of mine in Sulaimani who is teaching science courses at the American University of Iraq-Sulaimani (AUIS) has been joining me in the effort to sample all the old RiverWatch sample points on the Lesser Zab and Tanjero/Diyala Rivers.  I'm trying to develop a Scorecard for the rivers that gives different sections a grade based on their water quality and more data will strengthen this effort.

Good thing my friend wants to be involved because my organization's is rather poor these days and wants to charge us $175 for a car and driver for one day of sampling. Fortunately my friend has some transportation funds of her own that she can tap into  ... the sticker shock on what my organization is charging means we'll use a combination of AUIS vehicles, local taxis and borrowing cars from friends.

Here are some photos from our time out together ....

Small stream near a fish hatchery in Dukan that feeds into the Lesser Zab River

CJ at Surqawshan, near the mouth of the Tabbin/Chami Rezan stream that feeds into the Lesser Zab River

Taking readings with the multi-meter at the Tabbin/Chami Rezan stream further upstream

Light trapping insects along the Tabbin/Chami Rezan Stream

Checking nutrient levels on the bank of the Zalm Stream (a tributary to the Tanjero River)

CJ and I with the sampling gear (Along the Zalm Stream)

 CJ's AUIS students at a stream in Mergapan valley (below Peramagroon Mountain, in the Lesser Zab River Basin)

Students collecting a sample


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