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Friday, December 19, 2003

Last night our local peace community sponsored a showing of Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War which is being sponsored by Move On. Whether you supported the war or not, you have to be amazed at the number of government insiders they came up with for this film. What is also interesting is to see the evolution in the rhetoric that was used to justify the war both before and after ... the film reminded me about the "smoking gun turning into a mushroom cloud" comment, which I had almost forgotten (at the time I rolled my eyes at the remark ... to hear it now, it's downright embarrassing).

Now it appears that the only nuclear threat in Iraq is to Iraqis themselves. The Tuwaitha Nuclear Research Facility southeast of Baghdad, where uranium was secured by the UN Inspectors, was looted after the war and radioactivity in the surrounding community has reached as high as 10,000 times above background levels (UNEP Report, 20 Oct 2003).

On another note:
The same day as the film, I learned that there were three separate individuals that would be doing benefits to raise money for my upcoming trip to Iraq: Massage for Peace at the local Coop, a Dance benefit, and a benefit featuring local musicians and a demo by my most beloved Tai Chi Chaun Instructor. I continue to be amazed by the level of support this community has offered me over the past year.


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