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Friday, April 02, 2004

More logistical problems ... We need to move by the end of next week. Our hotel, comfortable, grungy dump that it is, isn't working out ... the landlord has tried to jack up the price (apparently he is notorious for doing this every month).

He thinks he'll have no trouble getting westerners to move in. But we know we can do better and since I'm here for several more months, I have to be careful with the money I have left. So I'm housing/apartment hunting for the day. What a pain! There is so much to do here and I'm stuck looking at bathrooms and negotiating rents (they are going up with talk of westerners coming in ... my current two bedroom flat is $425 ... everyone says that is overpriced for what we are getting ... and the landlord wanted to raise the rent to $500!).


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