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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I really want to connect with river-related organizations that might have any interest in providing help, guidance, etc. to Iraqi NGO's that are working on River clean-up projects. I googled two international river groups and emailed them but never heard a peep. These guys don't have any contact with the outside world as yet and I'm trying to set them up. If you know anyone who can help ... I'd be in your debt! Here is a short list of Enviro-related Iraqi NGO's

The National Association for Iraqi Environment. Contact: Eng. Marwan Ali Muhammed 555-5421

Iraqi Green Peace Organization. Contact: Sameer Ibraheem Al_Badrawy. 00821651159685

Between Two Rivers Country Association. Contact: Ameer Ibraheem Al Zahawy. 07 901 302764 Also: Latifa Muhammed Khidir 4446884 or 4440305

Iraqi Green Movement. Contact: Ali Abdul Zahra

Iraqi National Association for Human Rights. Contact: Sa'adia Flaih Hasson

National Association for the Defense of the Environment and Child. Contact: Shawqi Karim Hassan 07 901 405118 (This is the group I'm working on the Tigris River Boat Project with)

Environmental Protection Association in Najaf. Contact: Ali Hussain Abood 033362118

Green Democratic Party. Contact: Dr. Rassol Sabah Al Quraishi 00667225013

Iraqi Environmental Organization. Contact: Sa'adi Salim 5553684

Volunteers of Green Peace. Contact: Qassim Yihia Alawy 5567189 or 4442845 or 7712243

Healthy Environment Association Contact: Qassim Yihia Alawy 5567189 or 4442845

Iraqi Environmental Protection Association. Contact: Atheer Saib Naji Also: Ihssan Dhia

This info is a bit dated and so I can't vouch for it's complete accuracy (nor for the ability of any of the contacts to speak anything but Arabic!)


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