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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Mazin, my translator, was caught in the crossfire of an attack on the airport road this morning on his way to meet me.

"The road was packed with cars and when the bullets started flying," he said with a laugh, "somehow, all the cars just got out of there! Including me!"

There were coordinated attackes all over Iraq today, according to my friend David. I spent the morning at the Medical City talking to staff at the Engineering department (still trying to track down their sewage issues). I got completely different information this time, but Mazin doesn't think they are being honest with me.

"They just don't want to take responsibility," he said.

"So where is the truth?" I asked, "Who will tell me the truth?"

"Maybe you will not find it," was all he said.

It was a hot, hazy, dusty, dirty-air kind of day and I was glad to finally retreat to my favorite Internet Cafe, Zozic. It's cold enough in here to require a jacket and for a few hours I can forget how hot it is outside and delight in a few shivering chills.


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