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Friday, July 09, 2004

A Full House for the Boat Trip

I've sent my list people coming for the trip on Sunday into the Iraqi Police and US Military. I couldn't take very many ... gotta have room for the Iraqi scientists and NGO-types. At the last second CNN was begging me to come to, but I was cruel to them and told them that unless they could find room in the police boat they were out of luck (hah, never thought I'd be in a position of saying 'No' to a major network!)

Lastly, because the press came out in droves for this project (yippee) we've decided to end it with a press conference ... the press that can't come on the boat can meet us there at the end. I found this big house on the river with a Mudhif (a traditional Arab house) in the back yard. That will be our drop off point and the location of the press conference, and then our boats (now empty) will return up-river.

The press are really excited about this project ... which I'm very happy about ... but, thank the stars above, I'm glad this project will be over soon!!!

So again, if you don't hear from me until Monday ... don't worry ... I'm probably just catching up on some much needed sleep!

Wish me luck everyone!



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