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Monday, June 13, 2005

Crossing the Border

An Iraqi friend who has been here for many months had to leave because his Jordanian visa was up ... as I've written before, they give Iraqis three months and if they stay longer they become illegal and will need to pay about 1.500 Dinars (a little over $2 US). He has wanted to be legal, so he has left the country once before for brief trips to Syria. Today when he returned from his second trip to Syria, he was kept at the border a long time for questioning.

"Why are you coming?" "Why did you only stay in Syria for a few days?" "We can see you are trying to reside in Jordan. What for?" "What are you doing here?"

Finally they let him in and when I saw him, "I think this is the last time I can go out ... the next time they won't let me back in."


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