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Sunday, July 10, 2005

A Letter From Home

Dear Sophia,

Have not heard from you for awhile - hope you are not in Baghdad.

What is the response or attitude of the Muslim types that you know around you about the bombings in London? It would seem that this sort of random mayhem is both mindless & ultimately unproductive. Only reinforces the attitudes of the 'war' factions here.

Not much going on here except the unusual weather - we got a lot of rain
from 'Cindy' & now seems we will have to take on 'Dennis'. Seems that the hurricane season is starting earlier this year - all part of the global warming. My new car, the 'hybrid', is getting its advertised mileage, so far - about 50 miles/gallon. So that I am doing my bit. I think, though, that we or you may eventually go back to an horse power culture like in the 'Gilded Age' - which the Bushies are trying to push us back to anyway (guess they need more housemaids & servents - though I don't think I would make a good 'butler')

Well, have run out of words for the moment. Please let us know that you are
still alive.

Love, Dad


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