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Friday, January 27, 2006


For the past three weeks I've been madly cleaning and painting my old apartment as well as selling everything I owned ... nope, not going to Iraq (no such luck ... the boss was finally for it but the staff in Baghdad vetoed my move as they felt it would put them in jeapardy ... dang, can't argue that point at all) ... and nope, I'm not leaving Jordan (though sometimes I wish I could ... I find Jordan to be a bit depressing, I'm afraid) ... nope, I'm just moving to another apartment ... one in a more up-scale, posh neighborhood (hence rather isolated and boring ... no good schwarma joints around, no late-night markets).

Have had an interesting few weeks (besides the drudgery of cleaning, painting, selling and moving ... that sucks no matter where you do it) ... I was propositioned (well close to it) by an Iraqi doctor; I had my head in this hanging neck brace contraption at a Jordanian military hospital (went to see a physical therapist for a sore shoulder - don't worry, Mom), I taught some Jordanians about Chi Kung and Tai Chi Chaun (have actually been doing that for a few months now ... they have no idea what it is, so there is no pressure ... I mean really, they have nothing to compare it too ... but I do dread the day when that Chinese master swings through town and drops in on my class!); had a fight with my old landlord ("you have to paint the apartment. It's in the lease" ... "no, it's not, you liar!" ... come to find out that it is in the lease ... dang, bad enough there is fine print ... but fine print in Arabic!!!), and had my first turkish bath experience (oh la la!!! I highly recommend it ... and only 18 JD for 2 1/2 hours of sheer luxury).

Only down side is that there is no news on our four CPT friends who were kidnapped over a month ago. Could it be that we will never know what happened to them? That, in a way, would be the saddest and cruelest thing of all ... just to never know.

Well, let's keep them in our prayers ... along with the many others (westerners and Iraqis) who were kidnapped before and since.


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