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Monday, December 05, 2005

"I don't think we should leave. I think we should get kicked out!
- a quote by a relative who shall remain namesless in the U.S.

With all this "Should we stay or Should we go" talk happening in the U.S., I couldn't help but throw that in.

No news is good news they say. CPT has been doing many interviews in the local and international press. They have a person here in Jordan (a woman who was scheduled to join the team) who is doing press interviews. I've heard alot of different theories about who the kidnappers are ... not common criminals or they would have just asked for money, but Sunni Jihadists? Foreign Wahhabist. Even groups related to the Iraqi Police.

CPT has started to document cases of wrongful imprisonment and torture in Iraqi jails (people in Fallujah are now saying they would welcome being thrown into American prisons over Iraqi ones any day). Perhaps CPT was targetted by a group affiliated with the police or Ministry of Interior to encourage them to leave. The images on T.V., which are somewhat sophisticated (hey, they superimposed the symbol of the group over the images of the four CPTers!) could indicate that this is a media-savvy organizations. Such a group would use the trappings and imagery of jihadi fundamentalists to lay the blame elsewhere. Hmmmm, well ... it's one theory among many.


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