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Friday, February 17, 2006

Why is Salam Al-Jabouri still being held?

An Iraqi friend and peace activist who as acting as a translator for a british journalist, Phil Sand, was kidnapped (along with Phil and their driver Abdullah) sometime (as I understand it) in December. They were freed in a U.S. raid that took place (as I understand it) in early January. Phil was immediately released but the Iraqis were not. The following is a letter sent to Phil by a LTC Guy Rudisill, a press official for "detainee operations."


I wanted to let you know about your interpreter, Salam, and driver Abdullah.

Your interpreter, Salam, was picked up and detained during your rescue. He is currently at Abu Ghraib.

An investigation is ongoing about the incident. Based on this investigation, a determination about Salam will be made. I will inform you when the investigation is complete.

As to Abdullah,‌ we (MNF-I) does not have this individual in custody.

Salam is in good health and is being treated humanely in accordance with the Geneva Conventions.

I hope this information helps.


LTC Guy Rudisill
Public Affairs Officer
Detainee Operations
Multi-National Force Iraq
Iraq Cell ++ 964(0) 7902 253 033
DSN (318) 822-2911
VOIP 242-0719

Given the lastest (though old) pictures from Abu Ghraib, this statement of "being treated humanely in accordance with the Geneva Conventions" rings a little hollow. I bet they SAY that all the time.


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