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Friday, July 21, 2006

When even the peaceful are filled with rage ...

My arabic class is truely multi-cultural. I am the only American in the group. We people from Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Japan and South American (not sure which country Haskel is from). Our teacher, Samira, is a wonderful, sweet lady who is a great arabic teacher. She has even taught in the States. Last night during class we put the arabic aside and talked about the situation in Lebanon and Gaza.

Samira told us,

It is so difficult for me. But yesturday I saw the picture in the Jordan times of Israeli children writing messages on Israeli missiles that will be used against Lebanon. They wrote: "A gift to the children of Lebanon." It fills me with such sadness that children are being taught to hate. I'm a peaceful person. I want peace with Israel. I wanted the fighting to stop, but after seeing such things and watching the news, I'm just filled with anger and I'm afraid how easy it would be to let my anger give way to striking back.

Today is Friday and it is the day when most people will go to the mosque. Samira warned us that, as foreigners, we should stay away from the big mosques downtown. "All it takes," she said, "is one stupid person to get a crowd to do something foolish." There will also be major demonstrations in other parts of town. I'm leaving for Northern Iraq today otherwise, I wish that I could go.


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