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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dohuk Water Project (Site F5) - 25 September 2013

We did our best to break camp but despite our early start did not get out of camp until about 10 am.  Due to people's transportation schedules (the folks from Turkey had to return by late afternoon), we decided to bring the engine for the raft and it proved an important addition as the river, as it draws closer to the Mosul Reservoir, grows sluggish.  From start to end we mostly saw flat water and no longer had the clouds to shield us.

The Kalak, always our slowest boat, fell well behind.

Nab, our Waterkeeper, and Rashad as well as I, spent time on the oars, and Jantine was our main point person on the paddleboard.

But even though was had only about 10 km to go on the river, we were making slow progress and worried about the time for our Turkish folks, we started up the engine and did some towing.

We did take on break and stopped to enjoy the generous hospitality of a local hermit/fisherman at his camp/home. He had a very sweet spot along the river.

We had a little trouble with our engine which Nab was unable to fix (a task to address in Baghdad), but between rowing and other boats assisting us, we were finally able to make it to Site F5, the Dukan Water Project (sorry no pictures, just a water treatment plant).

A shepherd and family seen along the way:

Unfortunately, the Turkish group had gone ahead to rush off back to their car, so we were even more undermanned and in a particularly muddy spot to be able to pack up the boats and gear ... and sadly, we discovered that the bow of the Tarada had been broken in the loading process ... another task on our long list for Baghdad!

After a short stop in Dohuk to eat dinner at the Shandokah Hotel (which I remember from our biodiversity survey days), we hoofed it back to Erbil, a clean room and a shower (a blessing when your dirt is caked in dirt!).


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