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Monday, October 07, 2013

Amarah Boat Preparation Day - 7 October

The boats were unloaded in Amarah just below another barrage and we spent the day making prepares and getting them ready for an event scheduled the next day in the city of Amarah.

But of course we still had time to play at bit on the river (me on the kayak that we had brought down from Sulaimaniyah)

Abu H & R make repairs to the Guffa as a guard looks on

Abu H testing out the Guffa repair  (it was leaking from the sides)

Abu H helping to move the Kalak

And the raft

The boats ready for the event tomorrow


  • I've just caught up on the last week of the blog and its good to see the journey is going well, despite the odd collision and problems with inaccessible stretches of river. Is the water quality, broadly speaking, as you had expected, or better/worse? What do the people you meet along the river think of your voyage?

    By Blogger Justin Alexander, at October 08, 2013 1:20 PM  

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