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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Baghdad Float - 28 September

Passed through our first float in Baghdad just fine (it was only 2 km just off Jadriyah Lake (an artificial lake at a hairpin turn in the river near the University of Baghdad Campus).

No arrests but we had to pay a $2000 bribe to go on the river.  But due to the security and uncertainty, the event at the end of this short float was rather limited ... the press release went out so late that few people showed up except people who know us.  Ah well.

We also had one of the engines stolen (I think the one that was giving us trouble up north) .... Tomorrow we do an event near the center of Baghdad ... should be more interesting but I don't know if they will let the foreigners on the Flotilla really participate.  I've also requested to sample further upstream (to get a better 'before' and 'after' understanding of the water quality in Baghdad).

Here are some pictures from the day:

Tarada with Jassim and the boat repairman (the Tarada needed alot of work after its long travels over bumpy roads to Baghdad)

Our River Police escort

Doura Power Plant

Our fearless leader at the oars (which he has finally granted might have been worth getting)

The Tarada & Guffa near Doura power plant

Sewage outfall on Khark (river right) side ... pretty stinky

Salman & Hassan in the Guffa


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