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Monday, October 14, 2013

Final Sampling - Central Marshes of Iraq - 14 October

We spent most of the day cleaning up, downloading data and uploading photos, but J want to go out for one final day of sampling in the Central Marshes.  We waited until the heat of the day was past and headed to a boat.  J wanted to sample in 6 or 7 different spots for basic physical parameters (oxygen levels, conductivity, salinity, etc.).

Heading out, S & I ready to sample (M in the background getting footage of the marshes for the Ministry of Water Resources).

Our boat driver

 S and I sampling.  I'm doing the physical parameters and S is doing the Turbidity

Salinity levels were the highest we've seen and several sites in the marshes had the lowest dissolved oxygen levels we had seen as well. You can look at the final data HERE.

L, one of our ornithologists photographing birds

 The crew: S, me, Laith (with camera, M and J, who runs the southern office.

Heading back to base 

The marshes at dusk


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