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Monday, November 18, 2013

Final RiverWatch Sampling ... atleast for me anyway

With the help of CJ, a professor from the nearby university, and a few other helpers along the way, I've been able to finish sampling the bulk of the RiverWatch sites for the Lesser Zab and Tanjero River Basins (CJ has agreed to continue sampling the remaining sites).  Previously I had only spring data for these sites but now with the added data from the fall, we'll be able to develop a much more robust Scorecard to grade these rivers on the quality of their waters.  I just need to find the time to sit down and crunch the numbers!!!

Anyway, here are some images of our final sampling days ... all beautiful fall days.

CJ and N at Ahmed Awa

Beautiful Ahmed Awa water (but a lot of trash if you look closely)

 C sampling with the multimeter at Khewata

A showing S how to collect samples for the colorimeter

At Khewata preparing to sample

CJ checking water clarity with the Secchi Disk on the Lesser Zab River

Float on the Lesser Zab River through Dukan

Deflating the boat can be relaxing.

Lesser Zab near Bogd Village: Saying goodbye to the River ... again!


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