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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Can you believe it! I'm still grading tests ... next time it will be multiple choice!

As for Ahmed's wheelchair ... well funny thing ... I went to the Missionary Sisters of Charity Orphanage (very close to where I live at present) to ask about where I might buy one and they said, "Oh we have one here we don't need right now." I tried to say, no, that I'm sure I can scrape the money together to buy one but they wouldn't take no for an answer ... So I asked them what they wanted and they told me that they are looking for small child-size stationary bikes so that the kids can get some exercise ... so the Wheelchair has morphed into Exercise Bikes for Tots!!! These may not be easy to come by but I figure I can get a few kid bikes and have a metal smith make a stand for them to turn them into stationary bikes. The orphanage, by the way, is for disabled children. I'll speak more on this place later.


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