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Thursday, May 20, 2004

The Dijla "Tigris" is Amazing

Today, I went out for a river trip with the NADEC (Nat'l Association for the Defense of the Environment and Child) folks. We traveled the river between the 14 Ramadan Bridge and the Jameriya Bridge (after which the Green Zone begins). Shawqi, Hassam, Riadh, A my translator and myself with our boatman zipped about looking at outfall pipes, trash, swimming kids, fishermen and lots of green slime.

There are plenty of problems ... probably the worst according to Ustadh (Mr.) Shawqi being the outfall pipes from the Medical City. A complex of hospitals and medical labs that pour their combined, untreated effluent into the river. Still rivers are always amazing and, as A squealed when the boat hit top speed, I felt that the Tigris truely deserves it's old Sumerian name of Digtna ... "Great River."


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