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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Going Crazy

I spent some time under the stars (the few that could be seen) trying to write up my notes from the Trip and the past few days. The power was out at the house, so I just sat outside with my laptop on a swing and battled with my thoughts and the mosquitoes (they have some interesting other bugs in Iraq too ... all of them seem to bite). Anyway, my mind is in turmoil with my preparations for departure tomorrow and today I've got last minute errands and good-byes to do, including the now traditional Iraqi farewell dinner at a pizza joint down the street. So by big updates will have to wait until I've got some time on my hands in Jordan. I leave in the morning with my friend Nathan and hope to hook up with my old friend Lorna, who I originally travelled into Iraq with.


Another big bomb today ... in the Green Zone ... looked like it was in the area where I have to go today ... the big bombs seem to do off in the morning or at night ... so I think I'll be safe for the day ... Inshallah!


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