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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Trouble in Jordon
Lorna is a friend who traveled into Iraq with me in February ... she's also the editor of Chronogram Magazine, a monthly Mid-Hudson Valley Magazine.  I hooked up with her in Amman, Jordan.  She's planning on travelling back into Iraq and I into Israel/Palestine.  I went with her to the new Iraqi Embassy in Amman to help her get her visa (a re-instated requirement as of July 1st). 
It's official.
Only business with ties to reconstruction are being let in without the new visa requirement of getting permission from the Ministry of Interior (the guy kept interchanging Ministry of Information with Ministry of Interior).  We asked about getting a visa just to see friends.  Same deal.  The friend or family member in Iraq needs to go to the Ministry and get them to fax a letter to the embassy with the permission.  This truely sucks for Lorna, who was hoping to travel in tonight, but I'm glad to be forewarned about it in terms of coming back in the future.


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