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Friday, October 01, 2004

An update from the team in Hebron ... sounds like the Army is blaming the victim.


HEBRON, WEST BANK - The Christian Team (CPT) in Hebron has replaced its two members, Chris Brown and Kim Lamberty, who were attacked and injured on Wednesday morning by Israelis from the Ma'on settlement outpost. This morning children from the South Hebron village of Tuba were able to reach school safely in Tiwani. A police jeep outside the settlement helped to ensure a peaceful journey. The District Coordinating Officer (DCO) has confirmed the children's right to use the "settler road" to go to school.

Unfortunately an Israeli army patrol entered Tiwani today warning villagers that violence (for which they blamed CPT) would occur if children continued to use the road. It is clear that the army patrol is acting without proper authority, but this is no comfort to villagers and their CPT accompaniers who must bear the consequences.

Christian Peacemaker Teams are present in the area at the request of Palestinian villagers who are suffering repeated harassment from Israeli settlers while Israeli authorities have failed to intervene.


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