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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Hello from Bushland!

I recently wrote to an Iraqi friend who is traveling around the East Coast on a speaking tour ... here is an excerpt from my letter:

Hello dear,

I look forward to seeing you soon in Washington, D.C.!!! Maryland is not without its charms and well, you will get to see the Seat of Power ... Bushland ... the so-called (in some circles) Evil Empire ... in all its glory! I'm giving it quite a build-up, aren't I?

I was somewhat surprised but then pretty resigned to the news that Bush had won the election. I couldn't face any of the news coverage about it with all the crowing and strutting about that the Republicans would do. Yeesh!

I'm curious what you thought about the whole crazy thing ... an Iraqi watching an American Election take place ... I know that you can't help but be at least a little influenced by your friends here in the States. Most of us are all true-blue Bush-haters ... but then he did "liberate Iraq from Saddam." Well, he didn't do it, the U.S. and British soldiers did it ... Bush couldn't liberate himself from corn-maze after a frost!

For me there is this disheartening realization that my country men and women knowingly voted for someone that I consider to be a bald-faced liar. Alot of people deny this but I think, looking back on this time period from a safe distance (i.e. when everyone who could be politically hurt by the proof of this allegation are dead and buried), my view will be borne out.

To bad I probably wont be around to see it.


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