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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Feeling Out of Sorts in Amman

All my housemates moved out recently(one across town, one to Australia) and I find myself thinking about friends back home. I realizing that I don't have as many friends here as I would wish. I've always been too much of a hermit for my own good. A few hundred years ago and I would have been one of those women living in a nunnery composing bad baroque music or living in a cave with very tangly hair or worse, tied to a stake in some benighted backwater peopled with a bunch of crazy pyromaniacs... eeesh! Whew, lucky me to be where I am today!

Well, I hear the border with Iraq is closing tomorrow so my plan to make a mad dash into Iraq has been thwarted yet again (just kidding ... it looks like I'll be stuck in Amman for the forseeable future ... it just sucks to have all your thoughts and work focused on Iraq and you can't go there even though it is sooooo close!). The big referrendum on the constitution is happening soon and it could go either way really from what I hear. I don't really have an opinion on it one way or the other (though I suppose I should) ... I mean I don't really think we follow our constitution in the U.S. all that well. To me its deeds and actions that count more than what we put down on paper. The Iraqis I know are pretty apathetic about it so their attitude has probably rubbed off on me. I mean it's not like we get around the table and debate the various pros and cons about it. Hmmm, in writing this I am starting to feel all guilty and so I've decided to print the consitution out and read through it. Perhaps I'll have something a tad more intelligent to say on the matter later.


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