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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Simmering Along

Here in Amman things are simmering along. Sometimes they boil over, like when my boss hired a Jordanian girl to work with me who speaks no English. Actually this is her first job and she really doesn't know how to do anything at all. Before she came I don't think she had ever even turned on a computer. And yesturday I had her cutting up some paper and she needed to cut a straight line ... no matter what I said to her (in my broken Arabic) nothing was straight. On top of that, when my boss shows up (which isn't often because of other projects he's working on), this girl simpers and sucks up to him. It's become rather sickening to watch.

Why would my boss do something like this, you might ask? Simple, her uncle is somebodies cousin is somebodies brother who can help us out is some mysterious way that has not yet been made clear to me. I'm pretty disgusted with the whole affair but my boss just says, "Trust me. I'm planning for our future." Anyway, I'm the one who has to deal with her on a daily basis ... the only upside is that it does force me to use my arabic ... which is better but a long way from being "mia bil mia" (100%).

I'm also working on a big event here in Amman and, of course, it has the usual headaches. I just found out that we have to pay for a government official from Iraq, as well as two other people who work with the official, to stay in a 5 -star hotel here in Jordan for four days, have a car and driver and also pay for their plane tickets ... just so this official can speak for five minutes at the event. Give me a break!!! I would have said, "Ah, ... WE DON'T NEED YOU!" but then that wouldn't be good for us in the long run I suppose ... I guess I'm not really a political animal. Most of the time, these people just make me sick.

And of course on the political front here in Jordan ... everyone is pissed off at the U.S. because they know that it is well within the power of U.S. government to stop the onslaught of what is happening in Lebanon. You wouldn't believe the pictures we see on T.V. here ... stuff you will never see in the U.S. (but really should). There are so many terrible, hate-filled things happening on both sides of this conflict. Regardless of what is going on, a ceasefire demanded by the U.S. is the only way to stop the current violence. But the U.S. seems to think that Israeli can get rid of Hezbollah this way ... but from here in Jordan it looks like Hezbollah has only grown stronger.


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