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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My God vs. Your God

Somebody posted a recording to Facebook recently of a radio interview that the head of Islamic State's military wing did with an Australian interviewer.  What I was struck by was the fact that there is really no way to argue with these people. The very premise upon which they stands is impossible to have a rational discussion.  Everything he espouses is based on what "God said ... " or  "the Koran it says ... " or "Mohammed (PBUH) tells us ..."  

I always want to go running when I hear this talk.  If I say, God, Jesus and the Bible told me just the opposite, than we have the basis for a holy war (or rather a wholly stupid war). I suspect that God, if he or she, exists, is pretty darn tired of people calling upon him/her to back up their bankrupt and self-defeating reasons for acting like complete turds!  If God tells us to kill Yezidi men and enslave their women, then there is something wrong with this God.


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