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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Correspondence from a Concerned Relative (upon hearing the news that after leaving Iraq in July, I will go to volunteer with a Peace group in the West Bank, Isreal/Palestine)

Hi -

In one of your notes you say that you are going to Israel. I wish that you would not.

I have always been anti-Zionist. One can not accomodate one injustice (the Holocaust) by creating another injustice(the invasion & disenfranchising of another people who already exist in their 'supposed' "Promised Land"). I am glad that the f*#!ing Bible did not say that my state was the "Promised Land". I am told that being anti-Zionist is to be antisemitic - a curious use of inexact language. Everyone in the Near East, for the large part, are Semites, and I am not particularly against them - though I have negative views
of all the 'religions of the Book'. Not all the Jews that I
knew or grew up were necessarily pro-Zionist - incl. my roommate in college (he was a Viennese refugee). But I guess that is no longer the case - even the ones on the Left.

Well, if that is what the Jews these days think of my views, then I guess that that's the way it must be. But stay away from Palestine.

Not much else is doing here other then the continual decline of our country.

Well, that's it from the "Evil Empire" where 'Bullshit' is our
No. 1 product.

With love, from your Concerned Relative.


Dear Concerned Relative!

I found the following line particularly inspired:

"Not much else is doing here other then the continual decline of our country."

Yep, I'm headin' to the West Bank ... out of the frying pan and into the fire ... rather it might be out of the fire and into the frying pan ... I'm just not sure. In this case, I'll be working with a well established organization. I want to experience the situation in Isreal. I think it's important to see this stuff with my own eyes. Afterall, it's American tanks and helicopters that are being used by Israel. Our tax dollars help to fund the settlements. Americans should have to face this to see what it really means for people on the ground instead of turning their eyes away and shaking their head.



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