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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

It's the people who die ...

I've been watching the new coverage on Iraq here. It's full of talk about Fallujah and martial law in Iraq ... when they aren't talking about sports or cutting to a commercial. It's hard to watch the military experts they interview on the news here ... they talk about precision strikes and the professionalism of our troops. It is so sanitized and they never show anyone dead or dying on T.V. That's one major difference between the news coverage in the U.S. vs. the Middle East. It's so frustrating because people here are so completely ignorant as a result.

They say many people have left Fallujah but there was one report that said that atleast some of the civilians who are still in the city are poor people who had no means of getting out. There is a quote that I know (I can't remember who said it) that goes, "In the battle of good against evil it is only the people who die."

I remember my friends who traveled into Fallujah during the fighting last April ... they came back with stories and pictures of children, women and old men shot dead by coalition troops, shot-up ambulances and people stuck inside the city.

I just pray for the safety of the people who are caught in the middle.

Dir Ballkum (Be careful) to all my friends in Iraq. Stay safe!


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