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Monday, October 31, 2005

I know, I know ... I've been remiss ... part of the problem is the blogspot can be dang hard to log into sometimes. I'm in D.C. now attending the WEFTEC conference and exhibit (Water Environment Federation Technical Conference) ... something like 1800 people are here (including about two dozen Iraqis from the different Ministries) including almost 900 exhibitors (everything from water pumps to disinfaction units) ... not of much interest to me (but maybe on Halloween they'll give out candy). I'm here primarily for the presentation tomorrow there will be a talk on the reconstruction (or lack thereof) of the Iraqi water infrustructure. Hope it's not a snooze!

Below is a follow up to the urgent action appeal I sent out over a week ago about the south Hebron hills ... a small, but significant success story! ...

On Wednesday, October 19 both Israeli settlers and Israeli military sources said that settlers from Ma'on settlement were planning an attack on the village of At-Tuwani. Even with this knowledge, Israeli military sources said specifically that the Israeli military would not protect At-Tuwani village. Christian Peacemaker Teams issued an Urgent Action appeal (text below) asking you to call Israeli military officers and Israeli embassies to demand that the Israeli military fulfill its obligation to protect all people under its jurisdiction in the occupied West Bank, and to question the Israeli military statements that they would not protect At-Tuwani against settler violence.

Between 9:30 and 10pm Wednesday night several Israeli military vehicles arrived in At-Tuwani. One parked between Ma'on settlement and the closest houses of At-Tuwani. Another Israeli military vehicle parked at the main entrance to Ma'on settlement. At 10pm, Israeli police arrived in At-Tuwani. During the night and Thursday during the day there has been a continuing Israeli military presence along Route 317, in the village of At-Tuwani, and around the settlement of Ma'on. There was no attack by settlers as of 4pm local time Thursday. Because the Israeli military has stopped escorting the primary school students from the village of Tuba, the children made a circuitous trip to school on donkeys Thursday.

We are grateful for all the calls you made. We believe that the critical message that your calls conveyed is that the world is watching and people are aware of events in the South Hebron Hills, and this attention helped convince the Israeli authorities to respond to the threat of violence.


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