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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Recently Arrived in Amman

Eleven hours and I finally made it to Amman on a cool and rainy night. Once I made it to the hotel it was like a big reunion. Many Iraqi friends where there (it seems that those who can are leaving Iraq until after the elections). Even a friend who was supposed to be in Iraq was there (having been forced back after making it as far as the Baghdad Airport ... apparently, she thinks, they just took a disliking to her).

There are alot of Iraqis in Jordan ... many government officials keep offices here (I've heard that Iraqis complain that the interim government is rarely inside the country) and there are many conferences here in Amman concerning Iraq because it is simply safer to do them outside of the country. I'm hoping to get clued into some of these events so that I can connect with the local Iraqi expat community.

But for now I must simply settle in and find a good, cheap place to stay.


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